How can I send money to my beneficiary?

You can send money to your beneficiary in 2 ways:

  • Bank transfer
  • Mobile wallet

Please note that we don’t offer cash delivery or Airtime at the moment.

You can see the delivery methods available for your country on the platform in the 1st step when you set up your payment.

Bank transfer

Your beneficiary will receive money directly on his bank account. To see bank details required please click here.

Mobile wallet

Your beneficiary will receive money directly on his phone, in his mobile wallet.

Recipients can use the money in their mobile wallet to pay at local shops and businesses which are enabled to accept mobile money payments, therefore, removing the risk of carrying large sums of cash around.

To use this service, select Mobile wallet as delivery method when it is available.

IMPORTANT: Mobile wallets require that your recipient has already registered and activated their mobile wallet account to successfully receive credit. Below, all countries and currencies where you can send money by mobile wallet:


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