What costs might occur on my transaction?

There are 3 types of charges which may occur:

  1. Transfer fee: we have a Pay What You Want model which applies for transactions up to £2000 per annum or equivalent in your payment currency (or up to £4000 for business clients).
    When the PWYW feature is available, we suggest a fee for you to pay but ultimately you choose how much. Our transfer fees are then discretionary.

  2. Delivery fee: We use different service providers ie. Banks and other financial services for different delivery methods. Most are free but some have a small charge;

    • Bank transfer delivery: free.
    • Mobile wallet delivery requires a charge which may vary depending on your payment amount.

  3. Payment fee for card payments: Please note that some fees may apply if you pay by card, depending on the type of card and the country you are paying from, as per Payment Services Regulations 2017 (SI 2017/252). You will be able to see the fees on our website before you confirm your payment.

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