What costs might occur on my transaction?

There are 3 types of charges which may occur:

  1. Transfer fee: we have a Pay What You Want model which applies for transactions up to £2000 per annum or equivalent in your payment currency (or up to £4000 for business clients).
    Transfer fee: With Pay What You Want simply change the transfer fee to what you think is fair when making your money transfer. Click here to find out more.

  2. Delivery fee: We use different service providers ie. Banks and other financial services for different delivery methods. Most are free but some have a small charge;

    • Bank transfer delivery: free.
    • Mobile wallet delivery requires a charge which may vary depending on your payment amount.

  3. Payment fee for card payments: Using a card for payments from a non-EEA country incurs a payment fee to cover our costs. The surcharge for personal credit and debit cards is 2.3%, all business cards include a surcharge of 2.5%.

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